Zoe the brave mouse

I came home from work one night to find my husband on the couch with our lovely two dogs, Eddie (a beautiful West Highland Terrier) and our sweet little girl Zoe (a Lhasapoo – Lhasa Apso x Toy Poodle). My husband proceeded to tell me about his afternoon. It seems he was not feeling well and came home a little early. The puppies greeted him with wagging tails and their usual jumping and dancing.

Zoe was doing her normal “hello” dance when husband noticed what looked like a piece of black wool hanging from the corner of her mouth. On a closer look he saw a little paw and then another. It was a little field mouse. Now this is where a (I use the term loosely) "normal" person would probably have had a little squeal, take a moment to plan methods of removal then proceed to remove the mouse so it could be discarded. But not my husband.

He watched as Zoe entertained herself and proudly strutted around the living room, then dropped her prize in her bed, watched as the wounded little mouse ran away before she gave chased and re-caught it.

Apparently this went on for an hour of Zoe letting the increasingly injured and tired mouse go before excitedly chasing it down along with Eddie and Franky (our very big boned Lilac Point Birman Cat). This all resulted in the poor little mouse passing away in Zoe’s mouth and my husband having to negotiate with a disappointed puppy why she should relinquish her prize catch for a old crusty smacko.

Zoe has now retired from mouse duty and is spending her days chewing on pigs ears and revisiting the memories of her brave hunting days.

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Tamika Holden
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