Zaayne, my dream!

Newbury Zaayne is my dream horse. He has taken me through heaps, but I pay him back with respect, trust and FOOD!!! Zaayne is a wonderful horse who will do anything he has striking looks and will excell at anything he tries. I love taking Zaayne to shows not only because we win a neck full of ribbons but because I love spending quality time with him and experinceing the fun of a show! The first time i rode Zaayne when i was trying him out i just knew we were going to be a match. I was a bit nervous because i had never ridden such a tall horse (even though he was 15hh!?) or a purebred Arabian. But Zaayne just went nice and slow and didnt do nything wrong. Thanks to that one ride it boosted my confidence up by heaps! Ever since Zaayne has still been great. Thank you boy!!!

True Story?: