young at heart

We used to have this black and white cat called Sheilah she was very old as I had known her all my life. My mum got her when she was young Sheilah was still an adult. Mum went to the SPCA and got a cat called Nancy (we still have her)and said to her if that cat is still here I'll come and get her. In the next week or so they rang up and said she hadn't gone yet. Mum went and picked up Sheilah. Nancy and Sheilah weren't very good friends every now and then you could spy them licking each other or even sleeping together Mum had Sheilah for fifteen years before Sheilah started having accidents around the house. Sheilah was still young at heart but miserable during life. In human years she was 90 years old.sadly Sheilah died earlier this year. I miss Sheilah But I am pleased she had a good life. May she have a good after life too.

Jade baxter
True Story?: