Working Miracle

My mother is a rentals agent and works for harveys in Remuera, New Zealand. My mum likes to come home as quickly as posible after work so she can see us and feed us. One afternoon, just as mum was about to leave for home she heard a strange mewing sound she went out to investigate. She found one ginger kitten stuck between some branches of the old oak tree. Mum attempted to free the cat but couldn't! She rushed home and picked me and my sister up. We raced down to work and I had to climb onto the roof and free the kitten. The kitten must have had some brothers and sisters because one was stuck just a little bit higher up. I freed that one aswell. I placed them both on the roof and almost immediatly two more kittens jumped on the roof. I was so happy as my Mum only takes in Ginger Cats and these were Ginger! We can't adopt them because they are wild and we already have three cats. I shall always remember this special moment and I will always love these animals.

32 paws

Claire Shephard
True Story?: