Work The Body

Early in the morning i would go to Seymour with my dad. At Seymour we drove to the race track. My dad was a jockey so he came to the track and rode the race horses. Every body knew me because i went to the track every Saturday. My dads trainer Russel was very happy to see me. He always gave me things and let me feed the cats. One day Russel said i could ride one of the race horses. I picked a bay horse named Work the body. I rode her around in the stall. Work the Body was a very good thouroughbred. She was very gentle too. Work the body was the first race horse i ever rode besides my mums race horse. Work the body won a lot of races. You might of heard of her before. She is my champion!!

Work that body they say!!

Kiran Quilty
True Story?: