Wonder dog

Luck Bear travels go on, now in to tv ads and starred in a viral ad for fatso co.nz.Visting schools letting children see him brush his teeth,wear a seat bealt, sunglass, hat on his head, zinc on his nose for summer,great way to show the kids if Bear can do it so can they.Going to youth correctional facilities,about to start at starship hospital for special visits.He has joined the Urban Search and Rescue but has a long way to go. He has passed gold in obedience and now going for his CDX. Not bad for a 3 year dog i got told I may have a hard time trinning. And now with christmas coming its on with his raindeer suit and go and visit all the people that we have seen thought the year. What 's in store for Bear next year as well as doing his CDX he will be doing agility,and heelwork to music. thank to the people that have been reading about him and have join the outreach program with the SPCA and ST JOHNS.

Leeanne Marjoribanks
True Story?: 

have recently met leeanne and

have recently met leeanne and lucky bear, what a beautifull and lovelyu team they make. an awesome dog and an awesome lady