Will never forget

My german shepard had always been loyal to everyone in my family. He was naughty on occasions and had a good telling off. Rocco was deffinately not a lap dog and hardly ever licked anyone. Rocco loved playing with his toys and was always running about. He loved going on his walks. One chilly evening my dad light the fire in the lounge and set a wet towel to dry in front of it. I went to bed with Rocco snuggling next to my feet. I drifted of to sleep very quickly and fell into a deep sleep……..

I awoke to Rocco frantically licking my face. This was a very rare thing to happen and I sat up quickly seeing what Rocco had been licking me for. From my bedroom I could see bright orange light coming from the lounge. I screamed and my mum and dad woke up. The flames strated spreading to the hallway. From what I could see there was no way out. Rocco jumped off my bed and got on his tummy sliding himself along the carpet to the hallway. He then slided himself into the bathroom howling. I jumped up and followed him thinking that he was leading us to safety. We got in the bathroom and my mum and dad jumped out the window. I screaming because I knew I would have to leave Rocco because he was to heavy. I jumped out the window saying goodbye to Rocco. We scrambed to our neighbours and called 111.

The next morning my dad told me possibly how the fire started. The fire gate was possibly not closed correctly and the flames spread to the towel. The towel then fell of the fire guard onto the carpet. Rocco unfouturnatly did not make it and died through the night. I will never forget Rocco and what he did for us.

Sophie Mackey
True Story?: 

I know but its stil exciting!

I know but its stil exciting!

Please note that this is not

Please note that this is not a true story.