Our neighbours had a big property. A bit littler then ours. In the paddock they had about 10,12 horses. The horses were not theres, they were in there for some reason. The thing i liked about these horse were that to me they were wild. They ran like wild and they were all unusal colours. One day, one of the horse got into our property. He was a dapple grey and was VERY beautiful. He stayed for a days, and some how got back to his friends. Dapple was a very talented horse. To me they were WIlD!!!! Poem The brumbys run wild, free as a bird. There colours dash, like a flash. The brumbys roam in America. These animals are unwanted. No body wants them, not ranchers not city people. Just give them a chance to disapear into the wild. The brumbys are wild and wild they shall be. As they remind us of America and what it used to be!!!

Kiran Q
True Story?: