Which should I eat first?

Which should I eat first?


Chloe, my whipper, was about seven months old at the time. My mum had just thrown our some scraps, including a banana peel. Chloe took a fancy to the banana peel and spent the next couple of hours chewing what was left of the inside. 

It was about 6 pm and time for her dinner. She followed me, the banana peel still in her mouth, to the spot on the veranda where her food bowl was usually kept. I put the bowl down, and then went inside to join my family at the dinner table. 

I looked out the glass door to see if Chloe was into her tucker, only to find her in a bit of dilemma. She didn't know whether to eat her banana peel before someone stole it, or whether she should leave the banana peel in case someone tried to steal the food from her dog bowl. 

She moved her head from the banana peel to the dog bowl five times before she came to a decision. She picked up the banana peel, placed it right beside her bowl and put her paw on it. Only then did she start eating from her bowl. I was surprised at how quickly she was able to fix her tricky situation. In the end she was able to eat both meals.

True story by Venessa Legovic of Australia

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Venessa Legovic
True Story?: