When Someone Leaves Home

Dear Chris, I hope you like this contribution for your book on SMART TIPS for animals.

“When Someone Leaves Home””

When my daughter had completed her university course and began working, she decided it was time to leave home and found a house on the other side of Melbourne. She packed all of her belongings into boxes while our Beagle dog Nelson, watched intently. On the Saturday morning, the removalists put all of her belongings and furniture into a van. She jumped into her car and waved happily as she drove away, looking forward to the next chapter of her life. Her room was left completely empty.

We felt forlorn, but when I went into her bedroom to vacuum I found our Beagle sitting in the middle of her room looking absolutely miserable. He sat in her room, refusing to leave, for two hours. It seemed that he understood that she had gone and would not be coming back. During the next couple of days, his demeanour did not improve. His face was a picture of misery. He missed her so much. He moped around the house, and sadness replaced his usual happy nature.

I rang my daughter and told her how much Nelson was missing her. She immediately suggested that we bring him to her new house. She felt sure it would help him if he could see her new home. That night after work, we put Nelson into the car and drove across town to our daughter’s new house.

When we got out of our car at the front of her new house, Nelson seemed to know exactly where we were. He strained at the lead and headed for her front door. He was so excited when he saw her and after much patting and hugging, he set off to investigate her new home. It was a town house on three levels, so he had a wonderful time rushing up and down the stairs, investigating every corner.

We had a lovely night and when it was time to go, he happily got into the car to go back home. Following this visit, Nelson was contented and back to his old self. It seemed to us that he had needed to know for himself where she was, and he was satisfied that she was safe and sound.

After that, each time my daughter visited us, he greeted her with delight, but never again fretted when she left.


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Suzanne Coomes
True Story?: