What Are you looking at? I didn\'t do anything

I have a Rabbit called Bo. He is a wild rabbit and often plays with my dog, Roscoe, who chases him. He likes to sit next to Roscoe when Roscoe is going \"toily\" (toilet). I found Bo loose in a park. It took half an hour to catch him. I like his silly antics when I feed him in the morning and the way he trys to trick Roscoe. One day when Roscoe was eating lunch in the backyard, Bo came up to Roscoe, reached out and touched him on the bottom! When Roscoe turned around Bo picked up a leaf and pretended he was chewing on it and accidentally bumped Roscoe. Roscoe thought it was true!He just turned around and kept eating. Me,my mom and my brother saw Bo do it. We all started laughing. Bo had tricked Roscoe for the fun of it. He KNEW Roscoe would fall for it!

Riana Hall
True Story?: