What A Glorious Dog

What A Glorious Dog

Many years ago, on Easter Sunday, 1996, our beloved labrador/shepherd mix started having seizures without warning. We immediately took her to the emergency animal hospital and having put her through several neurological tests, we were told that she appeared to have a brain tumour and would forever experience uncontrollable seizures. They suggested we put her down that evening and went so far as to tell us that if we made the decision to keep her alive we would be doing it for us, and not for her.

My husband and I were inconsolable. This wonderful girl had seen me through a marriage, a divorce and remarriage to a man who loved her as much as I did; if that is possible. We made the decision to put her down and end her suffering. We had a wonderful funeral service for her and laid her to rest in a beautiful pet cemetary surrounded by woods and creeks.

At this point, we still were not convinced in our hearts that we made the right decision. Our heads told us it was right but our hearts were quite another matter. Anyway, about a week after she passed away, we were sitting in the living room watching television when we heard a sound coming from our bedroom across the hall. We both distinctly heard the sound of a large dog turning circles three times and then a sort of swooshing sound as she lay down. This was something Cissy had repeated every night when we went to bed.There was absolutely no doubt in our mind that our dear girl had come home to rest beside the bed one more time, as she had done for every night of her twelve years with us.

That incident comforted us more than any words from well-meaning friends and family could have, because we knew that she was passing on to a fine place and just wanted to take time out from her journey to say good-bye and let us know she was going to be alright and at peace. We also made peace, with our decision to let her go. What a glorious dog she was.


True story by Darlene Snow of Canada


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