Welcome to our family Norm


Welcome to our family Norm


We have just welcomed a new addition to our family. We have Cole the Rottweiler, who is a gentle soul. Ralph, a geriatric Kelpie cross with dementia and now we have Norm.

Norm is a real character. He is now a five month old kitten of no particular breeding. I suspect he may have Russian Blue in him as that is what he looks like but having seen his litter mates I know he is not.
I have never had a cat before so it is a steep learning curve for me but a rather enjoyable one.

Whenever Norm is hungry, he lays in wait for me, takes a flying leap at my legs to get my attention and then dashes off full pelt into his room. He is particularly keen on watching motor racing and baseball on the television (I suspect that this is because his 'servants' enjoy the same!). We will watch TV in bed sometimes and Norm will jump over, plant himself in front of the set, watching the screen, his little head twisting this way and that way, watching every movement. Every now and then he will gently pat the screen to see if he can touch these object and he gets a bit of a zap, which puzzles him.

The best thing is watching him with Cole. Cole has difficulties trying to communicate with Norm, not understanding that cats do not appreciate a friendly sniff of the butt. However, Norm has Cole figured out, often sliding past him in a tantalizing manner, enticing him to play, never running fast enough to elicit the Rottweiler chase instinct but enough to have a bit of fun. It is a real joy to watch the two of them together, observing a wonderful friendship in the making.

Thank you Norm for bringing another wonderful dimension into our family live.

True story by Gillian Shippen of Australia




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