Want a little cuddle?

Can I have a little cuddle?


I once slept at my Mum's friend's apartment and they had heaps of pets. They had one dog and five cats. One of the cats was called Keesha. Keesha was a very big territorial cat who usually slumps on top of the fridge, snoozing. She has a very bad temper because whenever the other cats eat out of her bowl, she will hiss at them like a snake. She can get very jealous as well. 

One day, whilst I was putting on my clothes, I noticed Keesha staring at me and prowling at the same time. When I went nearer to her, she hissed. I continued creeping a little closer until I was right in front of her. She then purred and nudged her head into my chest until we were hugging. It felt like she was the baby and I the mother. I felt weird especially when she is usually bad tempered. She obviously longs for affection and only demonstrates it with those who are brave enough to venture. I could not wait for my next visit to experience that special moment again.


True story by Yama Dempster - Passang of New Zealand




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Yama Dempster - Passang
True Story?: