Waiting Patiently for a Cat Nap

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I adopted Cotton from the RSPCA when he was 4 months old. I noticed that he was the same kitten I saw from afar a month prior at the RSPCA when there were around 30 kittens waiting for adoption in one large pen. All the other kittens were gone except him. To this day, when I look at him, I wonder why he wasn't chosen as he is such a laid back, affectionate and sociable kitten. I believe it was just meant to be, as on that day, we went to the RSPCA having decidied that we would prefer a white, 4 month old male cat, to accompany our existing 4 month female cat. I know, it was very specific, and highly unlikely BUT there he was; patiently waiting for us for over a month to take him home. In any case, fastforward a couple of weeks; Cotton would often come sit beside me on the floor when I am at my laptop in our TV room. I for the most part would give him a pat but otherwise ignore him, and he would after a while find something else to do. On one particular occasion, I was sitting on the floor with my laptop when Cotton came and sat beside me. He was there for a couple of minutes and seeing that he was not getting attention, he sat up and walked across the room towards the door. By this time I was getting tired, having sat in the same spot staring at the screen for so long; I began to stretch and yawn. Cotton stopped, turned around and watched what I was doing. I absentmindedly stretched my hands up in the air, then I lay down on my back, with my hands outstretched on the floor for a rest. The moment I did that, Cotton sauntered to my side, lay himself sideways against me, rested his head on my upper left arm and took a 10 min cat nap. I was so amazed. My mum and sister were in the room, and they looked at me and laughed. It appeared that Cotton was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to lie next to his adopted mum for a hug and a cat nap; He is such a baby.

Elle Le
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