Two Happy Dogs

I recently took my dog Harry to his Vet for a check up and while I was in the waiting area, I asked a man also waiting, if I could pat his beautiful labrador cross dog. As I patted him and he nuzzled up to me, I noticed that he only had one eye and where the other one had been was simply a scar in it's place.

I asked the man what had happened and he told me he had just picked up the dog two days earlier from "death row" at a local Pet Rescue Centre and no-one knew what had caused him to lose his eye. The man told me that this gorgeous boy had been on "death row" three times and this was his last chance. He was only three years old.

And the other great news is, apart from providing a loving home for this dog, they took his mate, a six year old female Jack Russell cross (who he had been with since he was born) home too!

That gorgeous boy dog had already bonded with his new human as he kept leaning in towards his legs and snuggling up to him as if to say "thanks so much and I already love you".

Of course, when I got back in my car I shed a few tears of joy for the absolutely wonderful life that these two have now been given and some sad tears for all those others out there who don't enjoy the same.

But this story warmed my heart indeed.

Wendy Bryan
almost 60 (ugh!)
True Story?: