Twinkle Toes

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I would really love it if you read this story because I think this is one of the BEST little ponies EVER!!!!!!!!!It was a nice sunny day outside and my mum and i had just gone to pick up my new pony. When we got there we couldnt find her. Teresa (owner) had told us to go look for her because she was sertain she was in the paddock. We searched the paddock and then we found her. She was sitting at the top of the hill near an old tank and an old water trough. The pony was a little black Miniature X Shetland pony. We didnt have a float so we led it home. it didnt take very long to lead her home because we were Teresas nextdoor neighbours and we knew each other very well. We named her Twinkle Toes. I felt sad for Twinkey because her mother died of no water. Twinkey settled in very well. she was VERY naughty when it came to feed time, she would kick and buck untill the other horses knew it wasnt a game. Twinkey waddled around as i rode her. i had never cantered her because she would NNEEVVEERR GO!!!!!!Twinkey was very cute!!!! As i got older i didnt ride her as much because she was so slow and i had a new pony. But when my freind came over we would both get Twinkey and Rusty out. My freind (Charlotte) enjoyed riding her as much as i did because we were both horsey CRAZYYYY!!!My aunty had had a baby and she was now 2. My mum said that it was time i give up Twinkey and carried on with Rusty. So that day came. We all played with her untill she left. Twinkey wasnt exaclty going to my auntys, she was going into a little paddock at my grans untill my aunty came to pick her up. Which was like 1000 years. Every time i went to my grans, i visited Twinkey, but she wasnt the same!She had a scruffy coat, with paches of scruffy brown. Her mane was fluffy and she had learned to nip over the last months. I was DISGUSTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And when my Aunty came and took her away, she made me have a feeling that something was going to happen. something BAD. i wasnt there when Twinkey left but i got told all about it. People told me that Twinkey was having the most fun of her life. I knew i was wrong. But one day Aunty gave Twinkey to another freind because she was going on holiday and couldnt take care of her. Twinkey was still ours, she was borrowing her. we didnt know Twinkey was with some one else and we were disgusted when we heard. i got home from school happy as ever and these words made me so angry.i stepped to get out of the car and all i heard was Twinkey died. i ran to my room. Twinkey had had colic, she died that day. the worst thing about it was that i didnt even get to say goodbye. i cried my self to sleep, i woke up that night. i wispered, I LOVE U Twinkle Toes and she answered me. That morning i knew what had happened, Twinkle Toes had come back to say good-bye before she left.

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