Trust Harry

Trust Harry.... something I will always do from now on.
We had not long moved to our new place out in the country side; we are so lucky to have such a lovely spot for our new B&B and Golf Course with a boundry of beautiful native bush.
Murphy our 15 year old black lab loved all the new smells and Harry our ginger cat with attitude really enjoyed country life after city living, it was just a big play ground for him.
One morning when I went to feed Murphy she is an out door dog (although has a tendancy to sneek in after tea until bed time now a days!!) she was no were to be found, I called her, searched high and low, phoned the neighbours drove up and down our road but to no avail. As if I hadn't enough to worry about Harry just kept on meowing and getting in the way, so i fed him but still he went on, he would walk away, meow and walk a little futher, in the end I followed him, he would then walk a bit further, look at me and meow, it was obvious he wanted me to follow him so I did, up the drive way, over the fence down the bank into the native bush until we came across the stream bed, he would just go about 20 foot in front, turn, meow and wait for me to catch up then repeat the steps. This went on fro about 20 minutes until all of a sudden there was Murphy sitting on the bank as if to say "what took you so long". I looked around for Harry to tell him what a good boy he was but he was half way up the bank, he looked at me as if to say "my work here is done, now i'm going to get my breakfast"!!
Harry my hero got extra rations and lot's of cuddles which of course he expected. Murphy, well she just slept all day in the sun!!!
Author: Deb Connor
Country: New Zealand
Age: 47
True story: Yes

Deb Connor
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