Toby the Rottweiler

I used to live in Vancouver, BC with my beautiful Rottweiler, Toby.
Each day after work I would take Toby for a walk around Queen Elizabeth Park. He loved to sniff around, chase squirrels and hang out around the duck ponds...hoping for a hand-out.
One afternoon I realised Toby wasn't behind me. I turned to look, and saw him lying underneath an enormous Spruce tree. He had something between his paws, and was licking it.
My first reaction was that he'd found something dead, rotting and utterly horrible. I ran back to see what it was.
It was a Guinea Pig.
The Guinea Pig was in rough shape. Somebody had abandoned it under the tree with a "stash" of birdseed for food. It's grey fur was full of bald patches.
Toby was gently licking it...and the piggy was letting him.
I took off my sweater and wrapped our new friend up, nice and cosy-warm. The three of us then walked home together.
We named the Guinea Pig "Moses," because it had been left to die...!
Moses and Toby were good friends. It was hilarious to see that big Rottweiler being so gentle with such a tiny creature.
In time, I got Moses a wife...(Wilhemina)...and they had two children...Spud and Tater Tot.
Toby played "grandfather'" to many small animals throughout his life. When I started a dog-walking company in Victoria, BC, he was always great with the wee ones.( He reminded me of the stag from "Bambi.")
I lost Toby last Christmas (2004) to Osteosarcoma at the age of eleven.My shadow is gone, but there are so many wonderful memories to share. Thank-you for allowing me to share one of my favourites with you.

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Stephanie Krohn-Jarrar
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