Toby the Babysitter

One day I was walking with two little 6 year old girls and we went to the end of my road to pick berries. About 100 meters down the road, I noticed my lovely long haired ginger Toby following us. I stopped and he ran over to me. I scratched him under his chin and kept walking, expecting him to run off into the bush to find his other kitty friends. But he kept following us. He walked sometimes beside me or ahead, behind or even disappear, but for no longer than a few minutes. When we got to the little dirt trail, my next door neighbor and his dog appeared. I sat down next to Toby and cuddled him while the dog ran around sniffing and playing with the girls. I went back to join them and Toby stayed there, guarding faithfully. When the dog decided she wanted to go see Toby, he stood and puffed up like cats do. But instead of running off, he stayed there looking big (good thing he was long haired). When she came closer and sniffed Toby, he batted her on the nose and the dog ran to her owner. When they walked back, we stayed to pick berries. Toby hung around chasing bugs and cuddling his people. When we finally headed back, he still followed, and when we got to the bottom of our drive way, he decided it was safe and ran off to see his next little one to babysit, one of our other cats, Smokey, who was about a year old at the time. The girls proudly displayed all their berries while I told my mom about Toby the great little babysitter.

Abby Peacock
True Story?: