The thrush and the snail

The thrush and the snail


Our house is by the beach at Tairua, New Zealand. It is blessed with many and varied birds nesting and visiting.

One day, I heard a loud but sharp banging sound and went out on to the balcony to investigate. There below me, was a thrush with a snail gripped in his beak. He was banging the snail on a solid piece of metal that was lying on the concrete. When the snail bounced out of his grip, the thrush hopped over, picked it up and took it back to the metal, and continued to bang the shell. After a while, he managed to get enough shell off the snail. He then rubbed the snail on the concrete to remove any remaining shell and then retreated under the stairs away from the other birds to enjoy his morsel in peace.


True story by Sue Clark of New Zealand



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Sue Clark
True Story?: