The Tale of Two "Mousys"

Our white mouse lost her best friend some months ago now, and we did get her a new friend. He is a pretty colourful lad with lots of personality. Today we call him "Einstein" or "Houdini". He was a little guy at first, but now grown, he has earned these names.

"Houdini"/ "Einstein" somehow gets out of the small-wired cage, goes behind the vase of flowers beside it, chews up the doily that the flowers sit on, and brings back his daily find for the white mouse for nesting material! He goes through the unpassible small bars of the cage for the comfort of the white mouse (of course, we know she has earned this comfortable living from the last story I told in "Sharing and Caring #2), but how does he know?

We, as humans can learn from this - "what goes around, comes around" - from our basic knowlege of our God.

Both mice come running when we put our faces up to the cage to talk to them, putting their tiny little hands on the bars and sniffing the air - they like it when we greet them and say, "Heyyy mousys"!

Janice Madison
True Story?: