Strange Animal Friends

Strange animal friends


I spend a lot of time observing and photographing beavers. In June of this year I observed a yearling beaver swimming along in one of the ponds at Jericho Park, Vancouver, BC, when it came upon a duck swimming in the opposite direction. The beaver immediately made a U-turn and followed the duck through the water. I saw it on other days following the duck as well.

A month and a half later I was again at Jericho Park, and here came the yearling beaver, this time pulling a big leafy branch, and swimming with it. Somewhat entangled in the leaves, was it's friend the duck! The duck swam with the beaver the full length of the pond, under the bridge, and right to the entrance to the beaver lodge, where the beaver dived under to enter the lodge, and the little duck was left swimming outside.


True story by Shirleymae Shindler of Canada




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Shirleymae Shindler
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