The storm trooper


The storm trooper


Thirteen years ago, I adopted a horse which I would describe as a beautiful, handsome boy, named Stormy.


It was not long after I took on his care that I realised why he had been named Stormy - Stormy by name and stormy by nature. Despite my adulation of him, he treats me with indifference most of the time, unless of course I am bearing gifts.


About three years ago I was down in one of the paddocks talking to my beautiful boy and was about to go back to the house, but every time I started to walk away he would step in front and block my path. At first I thought this was an accident and that we had just started going the same way at the same time. I turned to go back around him and he backed and blocked my path again.


This happened another couple of times until I asked him, "What are you doing? Get out of my way, and then I looked under his neck and saw a brown snake on the other side of him passing by. It then became quite obvious to me what he had been doing, he was aware of the snake and the danger to me so he just refused to let me pass until it was safe.


I hugged him and he rewarded me with his ears back. Our relationship has not changed; I love him and he loves me in his own way.




True story by Rowena of Australia.


Story taken from Australian animals SMARTER than JACK 2






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True Story?: 

Maybe Stormy is playing "hard

Maybe Stormy is playing "hard to get" or could it be that he is very reserved! In any case, he proved he loves you and will protect you. What more can a guy (horse) do for his girl?