Stellla Opens Doors.

When my beloved cat Lily died just over three months ago I was so full of grief for this wonderful creature who had been a part of my life for fourteen and a half years, that I couldn't even contemplate adopting another cat. But as the weeks went by, and the buckets of tears flowed down my cheeks, I felt so lonely without her. So on the fourth of January this year I adopted Stella. The woman whom I got her from was shifting to a smaller place, so she felt that three cats was too many to take with her. Six year old Stella is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat with white paws, a beautiful v-shaped white bib and a bushy Basil Brush tail. I've had to teach her about boundaries. She has plenty of cattitude, and also knows how to open doors, as she leaps up to the handle and pulls it down with her paw. I was quite surprised when I first saw her do this very human task. She is really quite remarkable!!!!

Elizabeth Krammer
Fifty seven years.
True Story?: