Spottie the bossy little dog

We have two pets, a moggie cat called Ollie who is about ten years old, and a dog called Spottie, who is three years old. When Spottie came to live with us Ollie treated her with distain, keeping his distance, but Spottie kept pushing herself on him trying to play, finally Ollie started to play with her and when he has had enough he gives her a cuff around the ears and walks away. Slowly over the years they have become good friends, and now when Spottie wants some affection she siddles up to Ollie and pushes herself underneath him and he starts to groom her. She seems to be in heaven when he licks her. She is very much the boss even pinching Ollie's food when she is in a playfull mood, he lets her get away with it all the time.

Barbara Dioguardi
True Story?: