Smart Enough To Escape a Mouse Trap!

Mikey was a ittle brown mouse that hid in the cupbord of the neighbour. The neighbour was a little old lady, around 80. Mum would ALWAYS go and help her get her wood and tea.

Peg didnt like Mikey at all. She didnt know i liked him and his name was Mikey. What could Mikey do to her? She set up a mouse trap and tried to find his hole. Bu Mikey was to smart. She would go around the mouse trap to get the cheese and she found different holes. Mikey wasnt really doing anything, just scattering around. Mikey escaped about 20 times! She was a very smart mouse. I never knew they wanted to kill her. She was smarter than jack!

One day my mum came up with putting boxes around the trap so that Mikey would have to step on the trap instead of going around it. They also found her hole! Poor Mikey fell for it. She died in the mouse trap. I LUV U MIKEY!!!

True Story?: