Smart animal photos

Many of our readers love to take photos of their pets reading (or sleeping) on SMARTER than JACK books – now, that is smart!
We love getting these pictures and thought that they should no longer be kept hidden from public view. Every six months, SMARTER than JACK  will publish the best new photo that we have received on our home page. The author of the best new photo will also receive a SMARTER than JACK book of their choice.

You can submit your photos by post or by email to

If sending your photo by post remember to include your name, postal address (including country), email address and your phone number.

Post to:

Smarter than Jack Ltd, PO Box 57-202, Mana, Porirua 5247, New Zealand.  Please mark for the attention of Caroline Mundy.


Pearl, the SMARTER than JACK  cat thinks that CHEEKY ANIMALS  are SMARTER  than JACK, is the most entertaining book in the series!