Skye the Horse

Skye was living in horror. She got abused by her owner everyday. Punched, kicked and Loads more.

One day Skye's owner decided to sell her. I really wanted her but my mum said no. But Lucky enough My BFF brought her and took great care of her. My BFF rode over everyday and she rode my horse while i rode hers.

One day we went out into the forest when a tree fell down in front of us. She jumped straight over the log and Kept riding. When Skye did it She jumped over it then tripped. I got Smoky's reins and tied it to a tree. I ran back out the forest to the closest phone. I rang home about 3 times when finally someone answered. Hello this is Bruce. Dad come quick. Skye and Adeline have fallen over the tree. Coming. It turned out that Adeline broke her arm but Skye was fine.

Tessa Sedawie
True Story?: