Skipper the best dog that is not mine

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My uncle had a dog named Skipper. Skipper lived at my nanny's house while my uncle went to South America. Skipper was VERY smart. One day I was on my bike that I keep at my nanny's when Skipper followed me. I went inside and asked my dad if I could ride up to the park that is 1 house away form my nan's. So I rode to the park and played on the playground with Skipper still following me. I relised why a couple of minutes later. Skipper needed to go potty so he went somewhere where my nan couldn't see. It was pretty funny. I was only 6 years old when Skipper died and my uncle wasn't even back from South America then. The night I found out I ran to my room and when "Skipper I love you" That night Skipper's face interupted my dream with underneath him saying I love you. When I woke up I saw that my pillow was wet. I knew why. I cried when I found out.

Tessa Sedawie
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