Scratch, Scratch


Scratch, Scratch


Tazz is my Australian Silky Terrier. When we moved into our new house he became a very sneaky dog. 

Our old house was built about forty centimetres off the ground and Tazz could not see us inside because he did not like going up the stairs.

At our new house, it is quite a different story. We have big glass sliding doors at ground level and Tazz can see us sitting inside. Tazz would scratch at the sliding doors whenever he wants to be let inside. He would put on the most cute and begging face against the glass and keep scratching until someone goes to the door and let him in. 

However,  sometimes when we are not home, he would go through the dog flap himself. We would often come home to find Tazz sitting on the couch.

True story by Jessica of Australia




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