Saving the Life of the Black Tabby

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Saving the life of the black tabby


Skidar Ebony Reed Schmitt. She is our family cat, a beautiful black tabby. We love her desperately and she loves us.

We were heart broken after the death of our Birman cat, Bronte. Even after six months of Bronte’s death, I was still crying at times. I loved Bronte, and was not certain whether I was ready for a new cat. 

However, Dad got a phone call about some kittens for adoption at the local vet and I knew I should go. I had no idea that I was about to meet this amazing kitten, at the brink of it's death. I had always wanted a black cat. When we entered the vet room, we could not see Skidar. We looked in the cage, and there were two black and white kittens. Skidar was not there with the other cats. Skidar had already been in that box for about four months, and she was older than all the other kittens. As soon as my dad said to the vet that I wanted a completely black cat, the vets were  bit take aback. They hurriedly ran into one of the rooms and the next thing we heard was some commotion. A black tabby kitten was brought out at last in one of the veterinarians arms. Apparently, this kitten was about to be put down. When I saw the kitten, I knew it was love at first sight. I did not want the fluffy black and white kittens, which most people would have thought were way cuter than this black kitten. Somehow, I knew that she is for me even though she did not look so cute. She had personality. We named her Skidar and were so please to be able to save her life by adopting her there and then.

My sister had her birthday party the next day, and my mum showed one of the mothers a picture of the black and white kittens still at the vet. Crystal, my sister's friend has not had a pet since she was five and she is now nine. So when all the parents came to pick up their children, Crystal’s mum announced that she had adopted a black and white kitten named Bubbles. So not only Skidar was saved from death row, another kitten is given a new lease of life! 

I am glad that I did not adopt Skidar based on her looks. As it turns out, she has an amazing personality. She is more precious to me than the most expensive diamond in a jewelery shop and I will not exchange her for anything in this world.

True story by Caitlin Schmitt of Australia



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Caitlin Schmitt
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