Sasha Does Not Trust Just Anyone

My Jack Russell/Pomeranian cross is energetic, alert and often obsessively concerned with her own needs. I wondered how she would react if I were ever in trouble.

Two years ago I found out. We walked along the river trail one morning as we usually do. We met a stranger carrying long blades of grass. She wanted to pet Sasha but Sasha gave her a warning bark. The stranger ignored us. Sasha backed up onto my lap, right against my chest and barked loudly and persistently. "STAY AWAY" Sasha seemed to tell the woman. The stranger finally moved on and we went home.

After we got home, the news reported that the local police received a call from a woman claiming someone had been raped and that perhaps there is a woman's body in the river near where we were. The report turned out to be false. I am quite sure this stranger was the woman who made the phone call. Sasha must have sensed it too and was afraid she would harm me.

J. Holmes Saskatoon, SK CANADA

Jennifer Holmes
True Story?: