My dog Rosie hasn't really done anything extremely heroic, like save me from a fire or save a drowning child, but Rosie will always constantly entertain us. Rosie is a Bichon Frise. When most people see pictures of Bichons they are all fluffy and hairy and look like they have an afro! But our little Rosie is never anywhere near being a show dog. Whenever we take her back from the groomers she will leap out of the car and literally roll around in the biggest mud puddle she can find. Then when it looks like she can't get much more dirtier she will bark madly at the gate and run round and round in circles in the dirt. She will then come in, very satisfied with herself, and give us one of her doggy 'smiles', as if to say "Don't waste your money on taking me to the groomers!" Whenever we give her a bath she will come out looking like a drowned rat, and then when we go to pick her up and dry her she will run away and hide, normally under mums bed, so we have to drag her out from underneath the bed, only forher to un away again! When Rosie was a puppy she had lots of little naughty habbits, but her main one (and worst one) was her chewing socks. We would always end up wearing odd socks thanks to Naughty Rosie, and eventually had to punish her by taking away her treats when we caught her sitting smugly under the table with a ripped sock in her mouth! Now our Rosie certainly is very socialable, but there is a catch: to make up for her height (she is, as you know, a bichon, which grow to the size of a cat), you need to be a least the height of a labrador. Only one other dog that Rosie met that was smaller than a labrador was her friend, and that was an Australian Terrier called Taggart. When Rosie was at puppy school, most of the puppies there were German Shepards. Rosie still thinks this very day that she is a male German Shepard (Note that she is a female Bchon Frise) and actually scared the poor German shepards there. Puppy school didn't really teach Rosie much, except for that apparently she was a male German Shepard. On time when we were taking Rosie for a walk when she was a puppy, we let her off her lead, which was a big mistake. Rosie wandered ahead of us, and then suddenly disppeared. We searched for her everywhere, until we found her sound asleep under a bush. Her tired little legs wouldn't carry her any longer, so we ended up carrying her the rest of the way. As you know already, Rosie would not make friends with any little dog, except for Taggart. If Rosie and Taggart were humans, Rosie would be a dumb blonde and Taggart would be an Einstein. If you told Taggart to 'sing', he would do just that (he would howl a little tune.) Taggart knew the exact time we had lunch, and would walk to our holiday house, hoping to get some leftovers. He would play with our little Rosie by standing on his hind legs and putting his front paws on Rosies back. He could boogie board too. He would sit patiently on the board waiting for a wave to come and give the ride of a life time. Taggart and Rosie were great friends. Rosie is also our little guard dog. She will sit by the fate all day, and then when it's time to come inside she will sit by the door. If ever anyone knocks at the door she will be there in a split second, barking madly. She will even bark at her own reflection! Our Rosie is the best dog ever, and not only that, she is my best friend.

Sarah Hyde
True Story?: