Rocky my Loyal Protector

One day me and my daughter Kendal and Rocky were walking to Kendal's dads house to take her home . we were almost out of the complex when a dog started running toward us . this dog had been out many times before . he seemed like a nice dog but i didn't want to take any chances my dog Rocky started to growl as the dog approached . The dog was brown and black , he was quit a beautiful dog though . after he closed the space between us he approached rocky to sniff but rocky wasn't in the mood to socialize he immidently started to attack the dog i told my daughter to run to the owners house . they were not home and the dogs wouldn't stop finally someone heard and came out to help by then the other dog left rocky had a couple scratches and was bleeding but ok . i had gotten bit in he leg because i tried to stop them . people told me i should have let go of the leash and ran to get help . my daughter took rocky home and came back out the kind people called the cops and animal control thankfully i was all right and so was the dog . We still see the dog walking around but have never had conflict with it again .

i kendal maack wrote this story in my moms point of view because my mom does not know how to do this

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Kendal Maack
True Story?: