Rescuing Paddy

Paddy is a German Shepherd rescue dog that I adopted from the British RSPCA He was about 2-3 years old when I got him.Due to his background He didnt like other dogs and was suspicious of people . When on a lead he used to go into a panic attack when he saw another dog due to being restricted, He would also pull towards people barking and snarling People used to say that I was the only person he liked. He was however very intellegent and could soon open every door in the house. After 18 months of hard work and training his demeanour started to change and he realised not all peoples were bad due to all we had been through together our love became very deep. My wife and I decided we wanted to live in Bulgaria, We couldnt travel on the same plane as Paddy so had to wait two hours for hi s plane to arrive. As we waited at the airport an official came up to me and said to my dismay we have a problem with your dog, He has escaped into the Baggage hold and none of the baggage handlers will goin. I was then escorted out to the aircraft where I could see Paddy tangled p in a cargo net.I then had to climb up the luggage conveyor belt to rescue him. how he got out of the crate I dont know. I managed to release him and we slid down the conveyor belt together . I was then fined £35 for delaying the aircraft. Paddy is now a well adjusted family pet who likes people and has made friends with a Bulgarian Street dog we have taken in we thought of renaming him Houdini!

Geoffrey Jones
True Story?: