Remembering the Memories


Remembering the Memories


Etched in the back of my mind,
I can remember the wonderful memories.
The ones where I can say I am proud,
That was truly precious to me.

The morning was bright,
As I headed off...
Only to find out that my love was gone,
Out of my life forever.

She was the heart and soul of my life,
Looking both ways before crossing the road,
Following those to town;
Hiding when one looked back.

Hunting was fun,
She would catch mice and ground hogs;
Those caught and put in a bin,
Would surely be knocked down and eaten.

Out in the woods,
She would walk by our sides...
Wander off...
As a tree falls nearby.

There were tears shared,
A painful day when one hears about a death...
The first death that happened in my life,
A girl I truly loved.

Eight years ago that happened;
Thinking that the world will come to an end,
Life has to end eventually,
And that time was then.

You are my guardian;
My follower,
My protector,
And most of all... my love.

True story by Kalen from Canada


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