Rambo, the most amazing ram in the world!!!!

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I have had six sheep and they were all girls except for one. They were all handraised.

One day a friend gave us a baby ram and an ewe. They were the best of friends from the day that they were born. Rambo (ram) and Peachy (ewe) were very freindly. Peachy was always wanting a pat like Rambo. These two grew up together and became friends with all the other sheep.

Rambo was soooooo good!!!!! He would let you pat him forever. He was the FREINDLIEST ram ever. Rambo would not head butt or do anything nasty. One day Rambo disappeared. We could not find him anywhere. Peachy sensed something was wrong. Rambo was GONE!!!!!!!

A year later I was at pony club and right next door was the pound. There was a sheep in it. For some reason, I sensed that it was RAMBO. It made the same funny bahhhhh... it was Rambo, alright.  My mum got in the paddock with the sheep and gave him heaps of hugs and kisses. That night we planned to get him back. So the next day, my mum rang up the pound. But........ he was gone. Rambo was sold the day we saw him

Everybody was so sad, especially PEACHY!!! Mum rang up the lady who bought him and told her the whole story, but she said we cannot have him back and that was the end of the matter!

Rambo is a great ram and he is out there, waiting for us!!!!!!


True story by Kiran of Australia


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Kiran Quilty
True Story?: