Queen Jasmine

Queen Jasmine as an only cat but one day a little kitten named Tasha entered the family. Jasmine would hiss at Tasha when she was eating and she would Scratch her too!
But Tasha wouldn't let that happen so she hid from Queen Jasmine and hid for days. After a week Queen Jasmine gave up. She couldn't find Tasha anywhere. Then Tasha jumped out from her hiding spot and leaped on Jasmine. Jasmine was asleep at the time and hissed several times at Tasha.
Tasha ran away leaving jasmine alone.
Jasmine is now no longer queen but the dog is the queen.

Well done to Tasha who won the May competition between Jasmine and Tasha.
Well done to Misty who won the competition of who could run to around the house 3 times and make a sound.

Tessa Sedawie
True Story?: