Puck's Life With His New Mum


   My life began in a house with six cats, until my new owner, Mum Irene, came along.

   First I must say I am a cream coloured Burmese cat. I have been living in my new

   home since March last year. I am her only pet so all her love and attention is

   devoted to me making me feel special like Prince Puck. Wow! Are you wondering

   how I got the name Puck? Well you see my previous owner named me Puck from

   Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. She thought it suited me very well.

           Since being in my new home (which I love) wonderful things have happened

  to me . Last October my photograph was in the local newspaper. The Vicar asked Mum
 if she would like to bring me to church to have my photo taken for the Bayside Leader

  newspaper. So, off we went, Mum put on my harness, then into my carry basket and

  placed me in her bicycle basket. She rode very carefully to church, so I wouldn’t feel

  any bumps on the road. I met the Vicar and Mum let me walk around inside the church

  on my harness and lead.Feeling safe in the church, I wanted to explore but Mum picked

  me up and introduced me to the very friendly photographer. Once the photographer

  was happy with the shots he had taken, Mum returned me to my basket ready for the

  ride home. On the way back she told me I behaved very well and she talked to me all the

  time telling me that the photo would be in next week’s paper and that we would return

  next week for the Pets Blessing service. I was famous- my picture would be in the paper

 with Mum and the Vicar!


On Pets Blessing Day, I was harnessed again for the bike ride to the church for

 the 10.00am service. I sat with Mum near the altar table apart from everyone else.

During the service, all the people came up to the front rail near where we were sitting.

Oh, I thought they were coming to admire me until I saw Mum holding a gold cup and

offering it to the people. I wonder if there was warm milk in the cup, they all seem to

take a sip of mmm milk.

           When the service was over Mum carried me down the aisle with lots of people

admiring me and out through the big wide doors where the pets blessing took place.

As we were walking out Mum told me, she usually carries the cross down the aisle

but today she was carrying me. I waited in turn to be blessed and after the blessing, Mum

was given a certificate with my name on it. How grand was that – my very own


           We both felt very special and proud to have participated in the pets blessing.

Outside there were crowds of people with their dogs. I looked around and was

pleased to see I was the only cat there – how good was that. I felt as if it was Puck’s Day

Out. Mum put my basket down on the church steps, a few people came over to see me

and remark how good and beautiful I am. Life couldn’t get any better than this. I was

lapping up all the attention and I think going to church is really good. Now I know

where Mum goes on Sunday mornings. I wouldn’t mind going again to get more

compliments, but then there’s always next year’s pet blessing to look forward to, and

maybe some milk from the gold cup.


Irene Kleeman
True Story?: