Prince Kitty

Our cat Prince is 5 years old and very affectionate. He is my older sisters cat. Prince is pretty smart but often gets into trouble along the way in his 5 year long life. He has a doggy friend Max that has lived with us for over 11 years. A friend Daryl also sometimes brings his 6 year old dog Jack as well sometimes.

Prince can also open any door at all unless its locked of course. When he was a kitten he would be put in the laundry for the night with the door shut when my parents went to bed. He was given food, water, a bed, blankets, toys and a kitty litter tray as well. But during the middle of the night if you woke up you could her a quiet and faint scratching and sure enough someone would get Prince up on the bed.

Also a few years ago Prince went missing for a while. We looked everywhere we coul think of. Soon my sister could her a faint off meowing sound. Because no one else heard it my parents thought she was imagining it.

But after a while I could hear it to, then Dad, then Mum. He was found A few doors down up a very tall tree at a house where there were some big dogs. Eventually 2 days later my Dad got an extention ladder and got Prince down.

Prince has gotten in some simaliar problems but never as dangerous as that.

True Story?: