Poor Licorice

Poor Licorice

Cats are not usually known for their heroism, but Tinkerbell was always heroic when it came to dogs. She tolerated them if they were the pets in her home, but strangers were unacceptable.

The first I knew of this was when my neighbor, Bill, told me what she had done. Bill was a man who loved a very neat, extremely clean yard. He hated stray dogs, or owners who let their dogs wander onto his lawn because they mess it up for him.

One day, he told me he likes Tinkerbell. From a man who does not like pets in general, this was unusual. Apparently, Tinkerbell chases the dogs away. He told me that a Scottish terrier had been wandering between our two houses. This dog belongs to a woman up the street, and she was always letting him run loose to do his business wherever it pleases. "A very inconsiderate dog and owner", said Bill. Unfortunately for the Scottish terrier, Tinkerbell was outside that day.

Tinkerbell was right on his heels, her tail puffed up like a pom-pom. The Scottish terrier was sent yipping away, up the street and never came back to our end of the street. Bill is eternally grateful to Tinkerbell for that.

On the other side of my house is a black labrador named Licorice. He was a nice, happy-go-lucky dog, and not at all concerned about cats. His owner never let him wander, so he was not a problem in the neighborhood, and everyone liked him. He did like to go visiting, though, with his owner.

One day, Sean, the owner of Licorice knocked at my door. I opened it, and Licorice promptly stuck his head in to say, "Hello!", tongue dangling happily. 
Just as quickly, Tinkerbell landed on his head. She had a new litter of kittens and she was not about to let a dog near them. Poor Licorice howled and jumped, and somehow I managed to peel her off of his head. She had grabbed him as close to his eyes as she could get, and she was determined to get them. Luckily, I did get her off before she did any real damage and I had to apologise profusely.

She strutted around the house all day that day, as if to say, " Don't you mess me around." As far as she was concerned, she had saved her kittens. She was the hero of the day. Licorice, however, was very reluctant to visit after that.

True story by Sharman Norwood

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Sharman Horwood
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