Pippi Longstocking, the best pony in the world

Pippi is my pony. She is 13 hand high. Pippi is a mysterey horse. nobody knows if she is a paint, pinto or an overo. but we call her a pinto. When my other pony Rusty got to small for me, i had to get a new pony.

My dad showed me pics of the horse before i got her. one thursday evening i got home from school. i raced inside and got dressed then i ran out to the tie up area. i couldnt believe it when i got her. she was BEAUTIFUL. i got on her and trotted her around a few times. Pippi was very exited, exspecially to meet her new friends. i started riding pippi every day. pippi is 9 years old turning 10 this year. i celebrate her birthday on the 10th of March because it is my birthday and she is 9 like me. i dont like her birthday being on the 1 of August beause that is every horses birthday. i love pippi so much!!! but she can be very naughty when she wants to be. I LOVE PIPPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiran & Pippi
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