Piggy on Watch

Before we had Piggy and Rocky we had a little shitz ztu named Bailey . About two years later we got Piggy and Rocky they were much bigger than bailey and much more aggresive . A couple weeks later i was sleeping in my bed with Rocky at my side and Piggy on the floor . I had woken up cause i heard her get up and go down stairs.Then she came back up and went to my moms room and back in mine to lay down . About two minutes later Piggy got up and did the same thing . It happend about five time until i realized that she was on watch . She got up at least seven ties through out the night just to check if every ones ok . Rocky also has a part to he stays with me and gets so close that your smushed against the wall he stays and protects while Piggy's gone . I love thoughs dogs so much .

Kendal Maack
True Story?: