Percy's Path to a Personal Victory


Percy's Path to a Personal Victory


Percy is my sister's cat, rescued from the Animal Welfare League. He was getting on in years at the age of fifteen. A trip to the vet resulted in the news that Percy probably only had a few months left with us. That vet appointment was approximately a year ago, and Percy is doing relatively well but is mostly blind. Although he has lost most of his vision, we believe he can probably see  shapes near him indistinctly.

At the time of this story, Percy had probably been blind for a few months. One day, my dad was annoyed that the screen window 'refused to be fixed', and so called it quits. He left a large roll of fly screen under the pergola outside. On one of Percy's frequent trips outside to soak up some sunshine, Percy walked smack bang into the fly screen roll. He seemed confused for a few moments, and simply stood there. I was curious to see what he would do, and so stood quietly inside to watch him. I was disappointed to see him wander back to the door to come back in. However, he turned back around, and again walked into the roll of screen, before going back to the door. The next time he walked back to the roll, he took a single step to the right at the end. Again, he walked back to the door, and repeated this process, this time taking two extra steps to the right. He kept this up, going to the screen and then returning to the door, until he had eventually worked out the path he needed to take to negotiate the obstacle. Satisfied, he settled himself on his favourite chair outside. He earned his sunshine that day!

True story by Amy Kosandiak of Australia





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