Pepsi.. My dream

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If I had a Black Pony I would call it Pepsi.
My Uncle has about 10 horses and I got to ride one and name it. I picked a black pony and called it Pepsi. My uncle got Pepsi ready for a ride while my Cousin got onto her pony Ellie. Finally my Uncle came out with Pepsi. I hopped on a trotted him around the paddock. Then I cantered up the driveway into the Pony trail my uncle cleaned out for us to ride in. Pepsi was great. Oh she was the best. Pepsi jumped over all of the tree branches that had fallen down one day. When my cousin and I returned to the barn I hugged Pepsi then got off. Ellie and Pepsi were in their stables safley while I rode my bike home.

It was the best day of my LIFE! I love Pepsi

Tessa Sedawie
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