Pee Wee's sweet tooth

A large part of my childhood was accompanied by a black and white, short haired cat called Pee Wee. He was delightfully friendly despite having a few strange habits.

We were concerned about Pee Wee after arriving home one afternoon to find him having some sort of a fit. Turned out he'd found a wine gum under the chair and his teeth got a bit stuck together for a while when he was trying to chew it! This still makes me laugh to think about it.

Pee Wee loved yoghurt and would dribble until you shared it with him. He had a thing about the sheepskin rug in my room and did everything to avoid touching it.

He would dice with death, literally sneaking all the way across the room, very lightly put his front paws up on the chair then poke the semi 'tamed' stray tomcat call Savage and try to skedaddle before he got a hiding.....he didn't always make it.

One of the oddest things we discovered about Pee Wee was he had a penchant for pins. The sewing machine, pins etc were set up in my bedroom, when I'd come home from school the pins would be mysteriously strewn all over the place. We busted him one day, found him happily sitting by the pin cushion pulling the pins out and flinging them aside. If you put them back in, he'd pull them out again......and was a bit irritated if you got in the way of him doing it.

All in all he was one hard case cat!

Rating: 27 paws up

Belinda Davis
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