Peanut is back with a new trick!

Tap, tap, tap! I woke with a start. It was Peanut the worlds trickiest kitten who belonged to me. "Hey Peens" I asked " Could you do me a favour? STOP TAPPING!". I snuggled down into the covers hoping she heard me the first time. But she didn't! Tap, tap, tap! I had positivly had enough I jumped out of bed and went to the wardrobe. I could see it but I couldn't make out what it was! I picked it up, with my bare hands. "Jeffrey, my hand-made mouse I made in Year 3"! Wait a minute this isn't Jeffrey. Where are his pipe cleaner whiskers? ITS A REAL RAT! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I ran into Mum and Dads room I shook Mum furiously. " Mum mum Peanut killed a Rat and it's in my room. Mum woke Dad and Dad just ran to my room! He picked it up by the tail and put it in the dumpster. "Wheew" I thought "Peanut must love me a lot to bring me her own Paw-caught Rat! It's true she does love and I woke up with her under the covers with her head on my pillow. She may be naughty but I still love her just as much as ever!


34 paws

True Story?: