Our Houdini Rabit Benji

Three and a half years ago we bought a black rabbit and called him Benji. About a week after he arrived at our house, he dug a hole out of his run and escaped into the garden. A day later our neighbour brought him back having found him in his garden eating his vegetables. We bought Benji the biggest cage and run we could find, but he still kept digging his way out and it was not was always easy to keep catching him. In the end, we decided to just let him go, having taken him to the vet to be de-sexed. That was three years ago. He now comes hopping up each morning, wondering what treats we have got for him. He is happy to be stroked whilst eating. Our three cats have got used to him. They don’t try to eat him, just his dry rabbit food. So, this is how we ‘cured’ our rabbit of escaping.

Rating: 28 paws up

Tom and David and Phillipa
10 and 7 and adult
True Story?: