Our beautiful boy Troy

Our beautiful boy Troy
Our beautiful boy Troy came to us eight weeks old and because he was our third Rottweiler, I knew this little boy would be strong willed and testing at times. As a puppy he was full of mischief and bold. At eighteen months old, he hurt his ligament and required surgery. He had a very long period of recovery but Troy took it all in his stride. He was not very impressed though with the vet who caused him so much pain. 
Over a few months his leg fully recovered and he was back to his youthful exuberance. He found ways to occupy himself when we were at work taking his guarding duties very seriously indeed and even extended his boundaries to guard the next door neighbor’s property too. He lets Di our neighbor know when someone comes up her driveway. 
One day, Troy was attacked by another dog. He was not hurt badly physically but much more emotionally. Over a few weeks, we saw our boy change and so we decided to enlist the help of an animal behavior specialist. She was a homeopathic vet and a lady that worked with his energy fields. With a lot of hard work, Troy came back from this place of fear and he began to trust again. 
Just before his tenth birthday, he was diagnosed with cancer in the spleen. We decided to leave no stone unturned so Troy started on chemotherapy. We were told that the success rate for cats and dogs most often was better than in people. The first three sessions went very well and we could tell the tumor was shrinking but with the fourth chemotherapy session, Troy became extremely ill and we had to take him to the emergency vet were he was given help to get him over this. We spent a lot of time with him at the vet clinic praying that we would not lose him just yet and thankfully two days later, we were able to take him home.
I made a promise to Troy that he would not suffer with chemotherapy again. We knew it was only a matter of time before the tumor would regrow. Each minute with him counted even more than before. His condition slowly got worse. It then seemed to speed up. He knew something was wrong when one day while outside, he smelled blood in his urine. I knew the day that all pet owners dread was nearly with us. 
The next day it was to be that dreaded day. I went out on the deck where Troy was lying and I asked Troy, “Should I get the vet to help you on your way to the other side?” He looked up at me intently and then put his head down again. I felt I had his answer. We spent his last few hours with him, talking to him, loving him, giving him rescue remedy and telling him of the freedom that he will feel once his soul leaves the body that can no longer support him. He listened as Troy always did. He knew what we were saying. He was just one of those dogs that learnt English. The vet came that night and we sat down with him. He gave me his trust by laying down quietly next to us. The vet asked if he should be muzzled as we had always done when he visits the vet, but I said, "No". Troy laid there looking at me and did not move a muscle as I told him that his guardian angel was there to take him to a place of freedom, love and peace. Troy passed away peacefully, leaving us grief stricken. He was a very special boy. Our beautiful Troy. God bless!
True story by  Donna Kemp from New Zealand

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Donna Kemp
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